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January 1st 2013

31-12-2012 19:25 by K A N E

Happy New Years!

In a few hours it's going to be January 1st 2013. That means it's time to kick TWHT into high gear. Lookout for a major update in our rules section and get ready for TWHT because it's coming soon....

TWHT Update 12-12-2012

13-12-2012 06:13 by K A N E

Signing up for TWHT may be a bit confusing. If you have a team then please make sure you're rostered on at LEAST one of the websites ( or If you are interested in participating in TWHT and having trouble finding a team to join, contact K A N E in game.

With that being said, the official start of the season will be in a few weeks. It will either start the weekend before or after the holidays. Look for an official start date to be posted within the weeks end.

If you have any troubles, questions, concerns, or suggestions for all things TWHT please leave a message or find H.M.S. Stargazer, Hack, or K A N E in game.

A new season

15-11-2012 12:27 by H.M.S. Stargazer

Our next TWHT season is upon us. More information will be posted.

Golden Stick

26-01-2011 08:28 by Major Crisis

The Golden Stick is for the player who has scored the most goals.
And the winner is......
No one can kill me with 8 goals.
Struck was close second with 7 goals.
Bender Rodriguez makes the top 3 complete with 6 goals.

For example The Jokers did score 8 goals the whole tournament.

Semi Finals Times

24-01-2011 11:18 by Major Crisis

The times of the Semi Finals are:

2.30 pm EST: InnerThighs vs Rape N Plunder
3 pm EST: Admirals vs Deliria2.

After the second Semi Final is done we will play in the Final, that will be around 3.40 pm EST.
Good Luck to the teams who are still in the race of becoming next TWHT winners!

Semi Finals

23-01-2011 16:07 by Major Crisis

Regular season is done now!
The ranking has ended as:

1. Admirals 5-0-38-9
2. InnerThighs 4-1-27-11
3. Rape N Plunder 3-2-18-26
4. Deliria2 2-3-16-14
5. The Jokers 1-4-8-35
6. Storms 0-5-11-23

Games won-Games lost-Goals scored-Goals against.

This means that Admirals faces Deliria2 and InnerThighs faces Rape N Plunder.
Right after these games has been played the Final will get played between the winners of both semi Finals.
Semi Final will be two periods of ten minutes, 12 minute of Overtime if needed (Like regular season).
Finals will be three periods of ten minutes, shootouts if score is tied.

Update Schedule

11-01-2011 05:04 by Major Crisis

We will play two more weeks of regular season now.
Because some teams have played each other already they have to play less.
Also this means that we have a tournament with six teams, and the game vs Harlem Globetrotters, Nub Factor, freepi and Pixeled do not count in the end ranking.
The numbers one to four will play for semi's, #1 vs #4 and #2 vs #3.
This does mean that TWHT takes only three more weeks, instead of seven weeks if we stayed complete.

The new schedule can be found under 'Schedule'.


09-01-2011 15:46 by Major Crisis

Due to Forfeits of the next teams:
Harlem Globetrotters

We continue TWHT with six teams. This means there will be no playoffs and we just end the tourny and best four squads will play the Semi's winners of that will play Finals.

These drop outs might change some in the scheduling. But I will give more information about that later.


14-12-2010 08:19 by Major Crisis

The weeks of 23 till 26 December and 30 December till 2 Januari there wont be any TWHT.
This is because of Christmas and New Year.
So round 4 will happen at 9 Januari, yes we are moving to Sundays in the New Year.
The times will be from 2 pm EST till 4.30 pm EST. I will schedule it myself. If you and the opponent want to play on some other day contact me on time, 2-3 days before so I can find host etc, Thursday, Friday and Saturday are possible then but I prefer sundays.

Week Two

14-12-2010 08:09 by Major Crisis

This week started with Storms vs The Jokers.
It was a great match, after the regular time it was 3-3, it was 3-0 for Storms.
In the overtime The Jokers scored the first goal and won their first game.

The second game was Nub Factor vs Rape N Plunder.
Nub Factor forfeited and this is the second time the opponent of Rape N Plunder didn't show. Is everyone scared for them?
Nub Factor also got a warning, if they don't show all the other games they are dropped out.

The third game was InnerThighs vs Deliria2.
It was an 'easy' win for InnerThighs, who won with 6-0.

The fourth game was the game of the week, freepi vs Admirals.
This game ended 0-0 after regular time. In overtime both scored goals but they were all not clean so the game went to shootouts. GM FI was the only one who was able to score. This made Admirals win the game!

Then the fifth game, Harlem Globetrotters vs Pixeled.
Harlem did only show five players and Pixeled played with many different players both rounds.
Killer Soldier owned the opponent and his own team with four goals and two own-goals.

Harlem Globbetrotters vs Pixeled

09-12-2010 17:54 by Major Crisis

Both teams forfeited, they both couldn't show 4 players.
This will result in a forfeit, 0-10 in the stats and standings, for both teams.
Both teams also got an offical warning.
If they forfeit once again this TWHT the team will drop out and captains wont be able to start a TWHT team next season.

Week one

04-12-2010 19:28 by Major Crisis

Week one has been played.
It was a little chaotic day.

We had a match that didn't get played mostly cuz of miscommunication between me and the captains, I take the blame for it. So far Rape N Plunder won it by forfeit, we will look into it before we make it final.

Also a game that ended before the regular time was done. Deliria2 managed to score 10x before the timer ran out. Nub Factor had a laggot and they really missed that player when he lagged. If he didn't lag it might have saved them to such a big loss.

We had a 'normal' game between Admirals and InnerThighs.

freepi vs Storms started with a 5v4 and then players got added and ended up into a 6v6.
After everything what happened in the game freepi made an appeal against this game. Flared will look into it and give his decision on 12:00 pm EST on Money, December 6th.

The last game of the day was a thight one. Harlem Globetrotters were up pretty fast with two goals but then Beat- decided to score an own goal and The Jokers were back into the game.
The Jokers had many chances to score a goal but Juked kept his team on the winning hand.
After alot of break aways The Jokers finally managed to score and the scored ended up at 2-2 after Regular time. Overtime was the next move, Gazo ended the game very soon after the host dropped the puck. It was a big fault of the Defence of The Jokers. Harlem Globetrotters won with 3-2 after 20 minutes of playing.

Be there next week!

Some changes...

23-11-2010 14:37 by flared

First off, I would like to announce that I will be taking over TWHT as Major Crisis has decided to step down from this position. Due to the short notice of this change, and the fact that I will be out of town for Thanksgiving weekend, I have decided to postpone the beginning of TWHT for a week so I have time to make sure we are prepared to begin appropriately. The first week of TWHT will begin on Decemeber 2nd. If you have any questions feel free to ?message me, but remember I will be away until Sunday, Nov. 28th. I apologize for any inconveniences this may cause.

Team registration

21-11-2010 18:00 by Major Crisis

The team registration is closed!
You have untill the first match to get on a team, apply system will be closed after the first game has started. TWHT will have ten teams this season!

Now it's time to schedule the games.
The first week will be at 25, 26 and 27 november!

Good Luck to all of you!

Date of start

02-11-2010 11:19 by Major Crisis


We have decided the starting date of TWHT! The first games will happen at 25, 26 or 27 November, depends on when you guys schedule them. This means that the squadsignup will close at 21 November. The roster will be saved then and people who join after 21 November will have to wait one week. You have a chance to join a TWHT roster till the first game has been played, so most likely it will be on Thursday 25 November.

Remember that you can have only 6 rshl players on one roster. Someone is a rshl player when he has been on a roster of a rshl in the last 3 seasons.

Captains and Assistants

30-10-2010 15:47 by Major Crisis

Dear Hockey players,

Every team can have a maximum of two captains and four assistants.
Why this amount? The two captains because some of the current captains asked me if they could get another captain to make the recruiting process going faster. I think it's also easier to run a squad with two than with one.
And with four assistants you can have 33% (1-c 4-a) or 40% (2-c 4-a) with powers on the team. This way there will be, hopefully, always someone with powers online at the times of the games.

TWHT season 2

23-10-2010 12:35 by Major Crisis

It's time to sign up your squad for the next season of the Trenchwars Hockey Tournament!
To sign up a squad you have to go to ?go Hockey in-game and Private Message the Hockeybot with !teamsignup . To apply to the squad you have to log in on this site and go to the squadprofile. There is an option 'apply to team', this way you will apply to the squad.
The squadcaptain has to accept you before you are on the roster.

There are made a few changes for this season:
1) There will be a roster limit of 15 players.
2) There will be a RSHL player limit of 6. You are a RSHL player when you are or have been on a RSHL roster.
3) The games will happen on Thursday, Friday or Saturday. There will be some time slots between 3 and 9 pm EST. All the time slots will be given before the tournament starts.

Go go go signup/apply!

All squads dissolved

19-10-2010 14:27 by Major Crisis

Today I dissolved all squad's. This will mean you guys can signup soon again for the next TrenchWars Hockey Tournament. There will be a few changes, they will come to you all as soon as possible. Just like the rules will be up as soon as possible.
When the next TrenchWars Hockey Tournament will start is still getting discussed, you will hear soon enough from me again!

Admirals' roster got announced on the ?go hockey arena as TWHT's first Champions with =) as runner up! Check it out!

Discussion on next TWHT

23-09-2010 16:10 by Major Crisis

Hello Hockey players!

I am the new TWHT Head. I want your opinion on what should be changed!
What did you like from last season and what didn't you like?
Discuss it on the forum topic:

Epic Final

06-08-2010 19:00 by Demonic

In an epic final, defending champions Admirals faced =) for the twht cup

lineups: Admirals - Acido (5), Soild (8), Gotrek (6), Sponge bob (5), Chaotic (1), Ccelleborn (3), hull breach (5)

=) - 10 pavel (4), cocaine (8,3), regiments (1), jalrix (1,8), puker (6), sydor (5), apac (3), d.hasek (3) Ryan grant (5)

Period 1- Ryan grant started things moving with a goal for =), which admirals quickly equalised through sponge bob. Puker popped up for =) to take the lead again only for chaotic to again put the scores back to 2-2.

Period 2 - Chaotic started things moving for admirals with a nice taken goal to give admirals the lead, and despite a_pac's and jalrix's best efforts, scores remained 3-2 for that period.

Period 3 - Admirals continued to defend well, with acido and Ccelleborn at the heart of it, and it took a special effort from regiments to finally break them down with 3mins left on the clock! despite a few good chances to both sides the game went into overtime!!

Overtime - Both teams had good chances, the best falling to jalrix with an open net, but he put the shot wide. A controversial decision occurred as to whether ccelleborn should have a dc or a bdc, however with the goal judges tied the deciding vote went to arnk dylie (hz sysop) who voted dc, and cc had a 2 min penalty instead of a win for =) .The game went into a shootout, the first time since twht has been run!!

Shootout: Gotrek went first, who slammed a long shot straight against the post.
Jalrix replied with a shot skimming the other post for =)
Acido went for Admirals, who decided to try running around the goalie, and missed
D.hasek shot for =) and tried to fade it, but good save by soild
All pressure was on Sydor as he had to score to keep =) in the game, but he tried a wall shot that missed.

GG to both teams, and everyone who took part in the tournament.


02-08-2010 18:00 by Demonic

Ok we have our finalists, =) Pinkstars and Admirals. As such the finals game will be :

Wed 5pm Admirals vs Pinkstars

Thur 6pm Pinkstars vs =)

Fri 5pm Admirals vs =)

Fri 6pm = Final of best two teams above. (based on wins/ then goal difference/ goals scored/ goals against.


02-08-2010 16:29 by Demonic

For those who have not read the forum posts yet:


Finals will be hosted as a round robin between the 3 remaining teams. Game 1 - wed 5pm ESt
Game 2 - thurs 6pm EST, game 3 - Friday 5pm EST Finals: Friday 6pm EST ---- so keep these timeslots available for your teams if you win your next round game. If its tied, ie. All 3 teams win once then it goes on goal difference, then goals scored, then goals against. Draws will count so no overtime.





So far two teams have made it! third decided tonight!! keep your diary's free as these are the last games of twht and will have trophy awarded on friday 7pm :)

Fadin vs Sticksmashers

30-07-2010 16:25 by Demonic

Fadin was the only team that showed despite ambrosia (forum name) of sticksmashers asking for game to be 5pm.
Fadin now progress to next round and will meet admirals on sunday.

Social Hockey Tournament

28-07-2010 06:30 by Zazu

As you can see the TrenchWars Hockey Tournament has become more social!
I added some Facebook functionality to it, giving you the opportunity to Like news, teams, results or players. Also you can comment on the News Items that have been posted, by clicking the title of the news. Also you can comment on the match results, by navigating to the Match details and then clicking on the comments-tab.
This way you can share your Hockey experiences on your social web and hopefully also excite (new) people to join in on TrenchWars Hockey!

change of gametime

27-07-2010 17:40 by Demonic

alteration to game -- =) vs underdogs moved to Monday 2nd august, 6pm at request of both captains.

Round 2

27-07-2010 13:54 by Demonic

Round 1 -- playoff Fadin vs sticksmashers --- Friday 30th july (time to be confirmed by both squads by thurs 29th at latest or both do not play))

Round 2 games

Saturday 31st july -- 6pm Braveness vs Pinkstars
9pm =) vs underdogs

Sunday 1st august - 5pm Admirals vs (winner of Fadin/Sticksmashers)

sunday 1st august - 6pm (for fun((freebie ( any defcon/muscle tribe) vs post to win Sage))

round 1

21-07-2010 15:23 by Demonic

Round 1 has been completed, the progressing teams are: Braveness, Underdogs, Admirals, =) and The pinkstars. Neither Defcon or muscle tribe showed for their game so has been disqualified, which does open a space for one of the losing teams to re-enter the tourny as a replacement.

Also for round 2 (next week) check here on website for game times, could all captains leave me a message for best times for games, so we can get the scheduling a bit better then round 1, and pit you against active teams at the same time.


25-06-2010 14:38 by Demonic

Final date to finalise squad numbers entering tounament is Wednesday 2nd July. Any teams with less than 8 people on roster by that point will be removed, with no futher squads allowed to be signed up. Friendly game times will be the week after, with time/dates posted shortly after team removals.

Tournament start

19-06-2010 21:06 by Demonic

After much discussion between myself and dexter, it has been decided due to time constraints we will do the tournament without a bot.
This means that the tournament is ready to start and as such pre-tournament games will begin in 2 weeks, with the tournament itself in 4 weeks time.
So get your squads ready and start practicing!!

Roster Limit and Chat system

06-06-2010 15:38 by Zazu

Major updates!
We now changed the roster limit to 25 people, as most teams were getting full and new people are applying to the teams every day!
So try making some more friends in the game and get them squadjoined.

Also, the HockeyBot is nearly finished, so shortly (or already) you can start challenging other teams and start working on your hockey skills!!
PM HockeyBot with !help to get an overview of all the commands...

Lastly, captains of hockey teams have to store their teamchat. This can be done at the bottom of the teamprofile page. You will have to store this as it is required by the HockeyBot (it cannot be seen by other players).
This way you will see your challenges and starting match notifications in your teamchat and you will not be bugged by annoying *beeps* and you cannot mix them up with TWD challenges.

Understood ??

Roster Limit - Update

06-06-2010 12:30 by Zazu

We now changed the roster limit to 25 people, as most teams were getting full and new people are applying to the teams every day!
So try making some more friends in the game and get them squadjoined.

Also, the HockeyBot is nearly finished, so shortly (or already) you can start challenging other teams and start working on your hockey skills!!
PM HockeyBot with !help to get an overview of all the commands...



01-06-2010 17:31 by Zazu

After several requests for a hockey chat we have created one!
This chat has been created for players that are looking for a team and want to get in touch with the hockey team captains. Or for the captains themselves if they are looking for other hockey fanatics to join their team...
Or just for all of you hockey-freaks that just want to discuss some tactics, strategies, or the best hockeystick brand!
Of course this is also the perfect way to stay in touch with the latest Hockey news and updates!!

So join now....


... and be the first one to steal those free agents off the transfermarket!


23-05-2010 06:03 by Demonic

Promted Barton to twh-op, dexter has said bot should be finished for this weekend so hopefully we are nearly ready to get this started now. As such i have decided to recruit another twh-op to help with the running of the tournament, and despite alot of interest i have decided barton is the best choice to help bring the event into fruition! Congratulations Barton.

Roster Limit

14-05-2010 12:51 by Zazu

Dear hockey-fans!
I updated the website with a roster limit. Every team's roster is now limited to 15 players maximum. So choose your players wisely..!

Login Issue

08-05-2010 11:45 by Zazu

Good news!
The login issue (which was only affecting few people) has been solved. So from now on you should be able to login to TWHT with your TWD accounts without any problems!
If you come across any issues or bugs, don't hesitate to contact me..

Signing onto squad

07-05-2010 17:52 by Demonic

Heard a few people are having trouble logging onto their account on this site. Temporary fix, log onto the twd website, select stay logged in then log onto this site. It will keep you logged in so you can sign up to your squad.

Squad signups

03-05-2010 16:41 by Demonic

Squad signups are now available, thank you to dexter and zazu for their hard work in getting this running. As of yet there is no deadline on when we will lock applications.

TrenchWars Hockey Tournament

01-05-2010 18:09 by Zazu

Because of the enormous popularity of Hockey in TrenchWars we are setting up a Hockey Tournament for all you hockey fans!
Not everything has been arranged and settled yet so you are invited to visit this website frequently to stay up-to-date with the latest Hockey news.
A new bot is still under development (being done by Dexter) and the website might still have some bugs. So if you find any, feel free to contact me in game, by ?messaging or pming Zazu , to report them so that I can get them out of the system asap!
Anyway, start working on your hockey skills, start forming teams and stay tuned !!