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Roster Limit and Chat system

06-06-2010 15:38 by Zazu

Major updates!
We now changed the roster limit to 25 people, as most teams were getting full and new people are applying to the teams every day!
So try making some more friends in the game and get them squadjoined.

Also, the HockeyBot is nearly finished, so shortly (or already) you can start challenging other teams and start working on your hockey skills!!
PM HockeyBot with !help to get an overview of all the commands...

Lastly, captains of hockey teams have to store their teamchat. This can be done at the bottom of the teamprofile page. You will have to store this as it is required by the HockeyBot (it cannot be seen by other players).
This way you will see your challenges and starting match notifications in your teamchat and you will not be bugged by annoying *beeps* and you cannot mix them up with TWD challenges.

Understood ??