SSCU Trench Wars - The Free Online Multiplayer Spaceship Game

SSCU Trench Wars - The Free Online Multiplayer Spaceship Game

SSCU Trench Wars - The Free Online Multiplayer Spaceship Game

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SSCU Trench Wars is back online!  [ Apr 18, 2014 ]

SSCU Trench Wars is back online.

Recap: On Sunday, March 30, during TWL finals, a lot of our players and bot started lagging. Shortly after this happened, our bot and web server was targeted and taken down by DDos attacks (over 6gb/s). We managed to break down the attack, and on April 1st, our bot and web server was back online. A day later they resumed DDos attacks on our bot and web server, so our hosting company took them down completely to prevent further damage. On April 3rd, both TW and... Read More..

by M_M God

Trench Wars ASSS Zone  [ Apr 06, 2014 ]

Via Dezmond's forum post:


As you know we've been experiencing major problems across most of our zones.

TWDev and quite a lot of people have been working the past couple of days to bring up a replica of the SSCU Trench Wars Zone.

We're glad to say that the zone is now online and active. Please re-download your zone list and look for SSC Trench Wars (ASSS). We'll be waiting!

This zone isn't connected to the SSC biller. The servers are hosted by TWDev.

Please pass major props to those involved in getting this done.

Pass round... Read More..

by shaddowknight

Network issues  [ Apr 03, 2014 ]

Over the last few days we have experienced severe network problems, which now continue intermittently.

The upshot is that this website, the forums, and the bots may not function properly - or will provide only irregular service - until the issue is resolved.

The source of the problem has been identified. We're in direct contact with the company that is preventing network connections from being routed properly.

I'd like to apologize on behalf of Trench Wars Staff for this annoyingly persistent inconvenience, and reassure you that everything in our power is being done to... Read More..

by qan


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 April 19th, 2014<<<>>>

TWL Season 17 winners:

TWLD: Pandora
TWLJ: Pandora
TWLB: Pandora
Spider:1.spezza <tw>1280
1. lasenza 1255 486 535
2. gotye 1041 69 87
3. moto trucker 1039 33 53
 Base ElimRatingWinsGames
1. tsunami 1709 60 82
2. supman23 1511 10 14
3. amputate 1405 59 79