SSCU Trench Wars - The Free Online Multiplayer Spaceship Game

SSCU Trench Wars - The Free Online Multiplayer Spaceship Game

SSCU Trench Wars - The Free Online Multiplayer Spaceship Game

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TWL Season 24 - RIP KOBE  [ Jan 11, 2021 ]

Season 24 of TWL is upon us.

Squads who want to participate need to play a minimum of 5 TWD games per league they want to compete in during the qualifying period. The qualifying period starts on January 18th and will close on February 24th (RIP Kobe).

The regular season starts on Sunday February 28th.

Good luck!

Links for more details:
Squad sign up


TWDT Winter 2019 signups are open!  [ Dec 07, 2018 ]

Next Trench Wars Draft Tournament season will begin early January 2019.

To signup use either TWDTBot at ?go TWDT to !signup yourself or use signup thread at forums.

Draft dates and captain announcements will be posted to TWDT forums later.

by Henry Saari

TWD 2.0, TSL S4, Steam Visibility!  [ Mar 14, 2018 ]

Good news, everyone!

A revamped TWD season is beginning March 18th, with a new squad point system emphasizing activity, staff-assisted matchmaking/borrowing/recruiting for squads, and new in-game scouting and recruitment features. It all will finish in a TWD Cup.

TSL is back with Season 4, also on March 18th, and includes auto-adjusting ratings, value based on the rating of the players you kill, and squad vs world challenges.

Finally, we'll be starting Steam Visibility Round #1 on March 16th, coinciding with a long effort to revamp our tutorial process.

It's a great time to be playing... Read More..

by qan


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TWDT Season 22 winners!

TWDTD: Pure Luck
TWDTJ: Prayer
TWDTB: Lifeban
TWBD:1.Ram Ranch1030
1. BOOKER007 518 16 56
2. Siaxis 490 8 30
3. Jessup 479 27 63
 Base ElimRatingWinsGames
1. Steadman 498 8 22
2. Kim 491 36 55
3. Jessup 460 31 63