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Week Two

14-12-2010 08:09 by Major Crisis

This week started with Storms vs The Jokers.
It was a great match, after the regular time it was 3-3, it was 3-0 for Storms.
In the overtime The Jokers scored the first goal and won their first game.

The second game was Nub Factor vs Rape N Plunder.
Nub Factor forfeited and this is the second time the opponent of Rape N Plunder didn't show. Is everyone scared for them?
Nub Factor also got a warning, if they don't show all the other games they are dropped out.

The third game was InnerThighs vs Deliria2.
It was an 'easy' win for InnerThighs, who won with 6-0.

The fourth game was the game of the week, freepi vs Admirals.
This game ended 0-0 after regular time. In overtime both scored goals but they were all not clean so the game went to shootouts. GM FI was the only one who was able to score. This made Admirals win the game!

Then the fifth game, Harlem Globetrotters vs Pixeled.
Harlem did only show five players and Pixeled played with many different players both rounds.
Killer Soldier owned the opponent and his own team with four goals and two own-goals.