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Week one

04-12-2010 19:28 by Major Crisis

Week one has been played.
It was a little chaotic day.

We had a match that didn't get played mostly cuz of miscommunication between me and the captains, I take the blame for it. So far Rape N Plunder won it by forfeit, we will look into it before we make it final.

Also a game that ended before the regular time was done. Deliria2 managed to score 10x before the timer ran out. Nub Factor had a laggot and they really missed that player when he lagged. If he didn't lag it might have saved them to such a big loss.

We had a 'normal' game between Admirals and InnerThighs.

freepi vs Storms started with a 5v4 and then players got added and ended up into a 6v6.
After everything what happened in the game freepi made an appeal against this game. Flared will look into it and give his decision on 12:00 pm EST on Money, December 6th.

The last game of the day was a thight one. Harlem Globetrotters were up pretty fast with two goals but then Beat- decided to score an own goal and The Jokers were back into the game.
The Jokers had many chances to score a goal but Juked kept his team on the winning hand.
After alot of break aways The Jokers finally managed to score and the scored ended up at 2-2 after Regular time. Overtime was the next move, Gazo ended the game very soon after the host dropped the puck. It was a big fault of the Defence of The Jokers. Harlem Globetrotters won with 3-2 after 20 minutes of playing.

Be there next week!