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Epic Final

06-08-2010 19:00 by Demonic

In an epic final, defending champions Admirals faced =) for the twht cup

lineups: Admirals - Acido (5), Soild (8), Gotrek (6), Sponge bob (5), Chaotic (1), Ccelleborn (3), hull breach (5)

=) - 10 pavel (4), cocaine (8,3), regiments (1), jalrix (1,8), puker (6), sydor (5), apac (3), d.hasek (3) Ryan grant (5)

Period 1- Ryan grant started things moving with a goal for =), which admirals quickly equalised through sponge bob. Puker popped up for =) to take the lead again only for chaotic to again put the scores back to 2-2.

Period 2 - Chaotic started things moving for admirals with a nice taken goal to give admirals the lead, and despite a_pac's and jalrix's best efforts, scores remained 3-2 for that period.

Period 3 - Admirals continued to defend well, with acido and Ccelleborn at the heart of it, and it took a special effort from regiments to finally break them down with 3mins left on the clock! despite a few good chances to both sides the game went into overtime!!

Overtime - Both teams had good chances, the best falling to jalrix with an open net, but he put the shot wide. A controversial decision occurred as to whether ccelleborn should have a dc or a bdc, however with the goal judges tied the deciding vote went to arnk dylie (hz sysop) who voted dc, and cc had a 2 min penalty instead of a win for =) .The game went into a shootout, the first time since twht has been run!!

Shootout: Gotrek went first, who slammed a long shot straight against the post.
Jalrix replied with a shot skimming the other post for =)
Acido went for Admirals, who decided to try running around the goalie, and missed
D.hasek shot for =) and tried to fade it, but good save by soild
All pressure was on Sydor as he had to score to keep =) in the game, but he tried a wall shot that missed.

GG to both teams, and everyone who took part in the tournament.