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Extreme League Season 13

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  Trench Wars Extreme :: Rules
 TWEL Rules
Current League staff: Visit

I. League Conduct Rules
II. Trench Wars Extreme League Playoff Qualification Requirements
III. Trench Wars Extreme League Structure
IV. Multiple Squad Membership
V. Cheating & Bans
VI. Replaying of Interrupted Matches and Postponements
VII. Appeals Process and Guidelines
VIII. Scheduling Rules and Procedures
IX. Pre-Game Rules
X. Game Play Rules for Dueling and Javelins
XI. Game Play Rules for Basing

I. League Conduct Rules


While playing TWEL, players must respect the League Operators and all
attending staff members.


If a League Operator is abusing their powers or taking excessive measures
against players, players may report this to the Head League Operator who
will then take further action if sufficient proof is obtained.


Any staff member who abuses their power during an official match will be
reported to the League Operators who will then let the Trench Wars Staff
Smods deal with the problem.


Deliberate attempts to disrupt game play may result in that player being
silenced or kicked from the arena by a League Operator. Furthermore, that
player will be reported to the League Operators who will take further action.

1.05 Harassment & Private Message Spamming

All harassment & private message spamming will be dealt with following the
Trench Wars Zone Rules.


If sufficient evidence is provided according to rule 1.05, any abuse of
the League Conduct Rules during a match will result in a:

I) A one week ban from TWEL. If the offender is a playoff contender, they
will automatically forfeit their next playoff match.

II) *warning if the player is not a participant in TWEL. If, after the
warning, the player continues to abuse the league rules, they will be
banned from the zone. (For a determined amount of time, due to the Trench
Wars Zone Rules)

Repeat game conduct offenders may be banned from Trench Wars Extreme
League for as long as the League Operators feel is sufficient.


If insufficient or no evidence is provided for requesting a player to be
silenced according to rule 1.05, the accused player will not serve a
Trench Wars ban and will not be silenced for the rest of their login.

II. Trench Wars Extreme League Playoff Qualification Requirements

2.01 Requirements

I) Each player must have played enough games to bring them into a ranking
in which they will qualify for TWEL Playoffs. (The number of players to
enter will be determined based on the amount of players in each league)

2.02 Rating Padding

I) If a player is deemed to be playing low ranking players in order to get
into the playoffs, TWEL Operators hold the right to deny admittance to
TWEL Playoffs. All instances will be voted upon between all TWEL Staff

II) If a player feels they are not subject to this ruling, sufficient
evidence of their duels must be provided, and explained, to TWEL Operators.

2.03 TWEL Playoff Acceptance

Players will be contacted by the Head Operators if they qualify for TWEL Playoffs.

III. Trench Wars Extreme League Structure


Trench Wars Extreme League is composed of three separate league divisions:

Trench Wars Extreme League - Dueling (TWEL-D) which features 1 vs. 1 Warbirds
Trench Wars Extreme League - Javelin (TWEL-J) which features 1 vs. 1 Javelins
Trench Wars Extreme League - Basing (TWEL-S) which features 1 vs. 1 Spiders

3.01a Playoffs

The amount of players in admittance to the TWEL Playoffs will be
determined due to the amount of players in each League Division.

3.01b Playoff Ties

I) By the end of TWEL Regular Season, if 2 players are tied, a history or
their duels together will be brought up. The player with the win will be
accepted in the league.

II) If more than two players are tied, the winner of regular season games
between them will get the spot (e.g. Player A beats Player B and C in
regular season). If Player A beat B, B beat C, and C beat A, the Player
with the most total kills will be awarded the playoff spot.

3.02 League Participation Requirements

In order to be eligible for Trench Wars Extreme League gameplay, each
player must:

a) Be registered at with the appropriate name, as
well as be registered to DuelBot.
b) Not be serving a suspension from Trench Wars Extreme League game play.

3.02a Forfeits

I) If a player forfeits their playoff duel, they will be automatically
forfeit of all remaining duels they may be involved in. (Losers Bracket)

II) Warnings do not carry from season to season.

IV. Multiple Name Abuse


Multiple name abuse is defined as one of the following cases:

a) A player is actively using two different names in TWEL.

b) A player is using another players name to play in a TWEL Match.
(Including Playoffs)

Instances of Multiple Name Abuse will not be tolerated. If a player has
someone else who uses their computer for TWEL (i.e. a sibling), those
players are expected to notify the Trench Wars Extreme League staff prior
to participating in any matches.


Any player who is found with multiple active names will be subject to:

a) Suspension from Trench Wars Extreme League for the remainder of the season.

b) Multiple offenses may lead up to a ban from Trench Wars Extreme League

V. Cheating, Lag, and Bans


Any Player found to be guilty of cheating to alter game play and to create
an unfair advantage during a TWEL match will be subject to:

a) Permanent suspension from Trench Wars Extreme Leagues participation.

c) Referral to League Operators and Trench Wars Moderators for immediate
punishment including being banned from Trench Wars.

5.02 Deliberate Lag

If a participating player is, in the view of the Staff Member or TWEL Op,
excessively jittery, blinking in and out, or otherwise showing signs of
lagging that might be the result of an attempt to cheat, the person will
be immediately reported to the upper staff. Further action may be taken in
game by upper staff. Suspicion of cheating will be followed up and the
consequences will be harsh.

5.03 Uncontrollable Lag

If a participating player’s lag is, in the view of the Staff Member or
TWEL Op, creating an unfair advantage for his squad, and he is not
suspected of cheating or manipulation of lag, then the player will be
asked to reconnect. If the player fails to comply within a reasonable
amount of time, the Staff Member or TWEL Op may lock the player in spec
until they reconnect.

5.04 Banfree’s

A player can not be banfree’d in order to play TWEL unless they have won
an appeal from the BanG Op and the ban has been completely removed. No

VI. Game Play Rules for Warbird, Javelin and Spider

6.01 Bot Commands

DuelBot> --Player
DuelBot> | !signup - signs you up
for the dueling league.
DuelBot> | !setrules <included rules> - sets rules, include
rules you wish to use
DuelBot> | available
rules: winby2, nc, warp, 5/10 :
Ex !setrules warp 5

DuelBot> | !challenge <name>:<type> - challenges <name> to a
duel wb=1/jav=2/sp=3
DuelBot> | !tchallenge <gID> - challenges your
opponent for game #<gID>
DuelBot> | !tchallenge <gN>:<league> - challenges your
opponent in playoffs
DuelBot> | !accept <name> - accepts a challenge
from <name>
DuelBot> | !removechallenge <name> - removes the challenge
issued to <name>
DuelBot> | !notplaying <time> - turns on
notplaying for requested <time>
DuelBot> | !notplaying - toggles off
DuelBot> | !lagout - puts you
back in to your duel
DuelBot> | !cancel - toggles your
decision to cancel your duel
DuelBot> | !lag <name> - returns the lag
of player <name>
DuelBot> | !ops - shows list
of league operators
DuelBot> | !score <box#> or <player> - shows the score of a
duel # or a player
DuelBot> | !duels - shows the
current duels being played
DuelBot> | !scoreboard - turns the
scoreboard on/off
DuelBot> | !enable - enables your
DuelBot> | !disable - disables
your username
DuelBot> | !rank - displays
your ranks for all leagues
DuelBot> | !rank <name> - displays <name>'s
ranks for all leagues

6.2 Game Play

Each game will be fought to the specifications that the players agree on.
(The player who challenged and the player who accepted) All specifications
can be set by pming duelbot with !setrules <included rules>


As the game begins both players will be warped to their boxes and the game
will start within a few moments. You will both remain in your dueling area
until the match is ended.


Warping is illegal in Trench Wars Extreme League. Warping 3 times in one
match will forfeit you the match and your opponent will receive the win.

6.5 Refusing to Fight

Refusing to fight will be tolerated to a certain degree. However, if a
player is running purposely to not fight at all, they will be given a
warning. If, after 1 Minute, the player does not comply he will be specced
and forced to use a lagout if he wishes to continue. 3 lagouts and the
round is forfeit and the win given to the opponent.

6.6 Statistics

All scores and player statistics will be reported automatically to upon completion of the match.