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Extreme League Season 13

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  Trench Wars Extreme :: DuelBot
The DuelBot...

DuelBot is one of the first AI bots to hit the fields of TrenchWars providing an intense dueling league to its players which is sure to be unmattached for years. It allows for each player to manipulate it to get the best results in their dueling ventures. Provided is a list of commands and information on DuelBot.

DuelBot Commands
Command Action
!help Displays this list of commands to player
!signup Registers the player for the dueling league (all players must do this first before dueling)
!setrules params Sets the duelers personal rules for dueling (ie: !setrules winby2 5 nc )
     Rules:   winby2   nc   warp   5/10
!challenge name:league Challenges name to a duel in league league 1=warbird, 2=javelin, 3=spider
!removechallenge name Removes duel challenge issued to name
!accept name Accepts a challenge issued by name
!notplaying time Enables 'notplaying' for selected time in minutes, from 10 to 360 minutes
!notplaying Disables 'notplaying' if already enabled
!lagout Places you back into your duel should you happen to lagout
!cancel Toggles your decision to cancel your current duel, if both players agree the duel is canceled