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  Distension Ships

Assault Ships

Assault ships are meant to destroy the enemy, and help their team win by eliminating all opposition.

The Warbird is a crucial part of any assault, with the ability to rush in, destroy the enemy, and leave, all without the enemy being able to figure out what hit them.

The Javelin is a fearsome ship, with bouncing bombs able to quickly clear large groups of enemies from behind cover, and bullets able to destroy any persuit.

The Spider is the best base defender, able to keep up a punishing stream of gunfire.
Its quick recharge allows it to be the quickest drawing gunner, able to destroy the enemy before it can even fire.

The Lancaster is the ultimate gunship, only available to those who have earned its capabilities.
It fires a deadly spray of bullets, quickly and efficiently.

Support Ships

Support ships are the backbone of any army, and help their team win by carrying them to victory.

The Terrier is the most important ship, as victory without one is near impossible.
Its rebounding bursts allow it to kill enemies far away from it, without it having to leave its cover.

The Shark is the ultimate defense ship, as its mines can easily destroy any unwary ships, and prevent the passage of others.
The only ship that can enter any base occupied by a Shark is another Shark.

The Leviathan is a fast ship, known for its pure speed.
Its bombs are to be feared, as they prevent the enemy from firing for large periods of time.

The Weasel is a secret ship, flown only by the most skilled pilots.
It can sneak into an enemy occupied base, kill the defenders, and then take it from them.

Tactical Ops
The Tactical Ops console is the seat of power.
It is the general of the army, and wields a large array of weapons and defensive powers, and is a large infleunce in the battle.
Only the most experienced are allowed to be Tactical Ops.

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