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  Rules Of Distension

Like most games, Distension has its own special rules.  For those that choose not to follow
them, you may be docked RP or ranks, banned for a short time, have one or all ships reset
completely, or be permanently disallowed from playing the game.  Special moderators trained
to deal with Distension's rules will decide how to handle rule violations.  Note that all
normal Trench Wars rules apply, and you may be warned and banned in the normal way for those.

    *   NO FEEDING.  Kill-trading or "feeding" is not allowed.  There is some automatic
      protection that will make it not worth your while after some time, but feeding is still
      a banable offense.  It doesn't matter if it's the middle of the night and you and a
      friend are the only ones on.  If you're not really fighting, it's feeding.  This rule
      is not only limited to kills, but also to round wins.

    *   NO BUG ABUSE.  If you find a bug in Distension, do not abuse it.  Instead, report it
      to a member of staff.  If you have not been abusing it, you will be rewarded for your
      help by having a percentage bonus applied over a sizeable amount of RP earned.

      army is a good idea when they need help.  However, constantly trying to assist to earn
      a bonus, regardless of whether or not it will help, is considered abuse.

    *   DO NOT SPEC AT THE END OF A ROUND.  Spectating at the end of a round in an attempt
      to cause Avarice for the other team is strictly prohibited.  There is code in to prevent
      this from happening; however, all members of a team found trying to circumvent this
      will be banned permanently from Distension, at the discretion of a Distension mod.

    *   PLAY THE GAME.  If you are sitting in spawn making kills, or the rearm area making
      upgrades while a battle is active, especially if your army is about to lose, you are
      contributing to their loss.  It's expected that players will make some changes to their
      ships mid-round.  However, keep it brief, and get back in to the fray as fast as you
      can, saving major rearrangement for in between rounds.  Attempting to defeat the AFK
      timer is of course abusing this rule.  Those who are consistently not helping their
      army while a battle is going may be spec'd at the discretion of a Distension mod.

This is by no means a complete list.  If you think you're hurting the game, you probably are.
Use your head and we can all have a decent time, without you getting banned.

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