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  Distension Command List


All commands follow the following format:

{Command [usage]} {Command aliases} {Description}

Usage can be {mandatory} or [optional]
A number is indicated by a "#"

Information commands:
!help		? !	Displays help text for all commands
!help2		!	Displays extended help text
!intro 			A guided onscreen introduction to Distension
!hideintro			Hides the introduction
!terr		!t	Show approximate location of all army terriers
!whereis {name}		Show approximate location of pilot {name}
!killmsg		!k	Toggle kill messages on and off (1% RP if off)
!battleinfo		!bi	Displays current battle status
!status		!s	Displays current ship and rank status

Army commands:
!armies		!ar	View name, size, and strength of all armies
!enlist [army#]	!e	Enlist in the army that needs your services most, or to [army#]
!defect {army#}	!de	Change to {army#}. All ships LOSE A FULL RANK
!assist {army#}	!as	Temporarily assist {army#} at no penalty to you
!team		!tm	Show all players on team and their upg. levels

Ship commands:
!return		~ !r	Return to your current position in the war
!leave		!l	Leave the battle, opening your position
!dock		!d	Dock your ship, saving all progress
!lagout		!la	Return to last ship, maintaining participation
!warp		!w	Toggle waiting in spawn vs. being autowarped out
!basewarp		!bw	Toggle warping into base vs. spawn at round start

Status commands:
!hangar		!h	View your ships & those available for purchase
!status		!s	View current ship's level and upgrades, and current round status
!progress		. !p	See your progress toward next advancement
!armory		!a	View ship upgrades available in the armory

Upgrade commands:
!upgrade {upg#}		!u !upg	Upgrade your ship with {upg#} from the armory
!upginfo {upg#[:ship#]}	!ui	Shows any available information about {upg#}
!massupg {upg#:#}		!mu	Multi-upgrade; upgrades {upg#} {#} times
!scrap   {upg#}		!sc	Trade in 1 of {upg#}. RESETS CURRENT RP TO 0
!scrapall [#|S|M|E|*]		!sca	Scrap all upgrades
				*:All #:Given S:Special M:Maneuver E: NRG/CHG
!shiptypes			!st	List ship types into which you may specialize
!specialize {type#}			Specialize into a specific ship {type#}

Action commands:
!clearmines	!cm	Clear all mines, if in a minelaying ship
!summon		!su	Summons others to you, or toggles allowing summoning you
!!			Use Energy Tank ability
!emp			Use EMP Shockwave ability
>>> [N|S|E|W]		Use Jumpspace ability, with a direction if not random
- - -			Use Prismatic Array ability

Ops commands:
!manops		!mo	Mans the Tactical Ops console, if you have clearance
!opshelp		.h 	Displays help text for all ops commands
!opsstatus		..	Displays team status
!opsmsg   {#}	.m	Send a message your army. See !opshelp msg for avail. msgs
!opspm {name:#}	.pm	Send a message to {name}
!opssab   {#}	.sm	Send a sabotage message to your enemy
!opsradar		.r	Shows approx. location of all pilots
!opsrearm		.re	Makes your army rearm faster for a period of time.
!opsdoor  {#}	.d	Close a set of doors
			1:Sides 2:Tube (L2)3:FR 4:Flag
			(L3)Enemy doors: 5:Sides 6:Tube 7:FR 8:Flag
!opscover {#}     	.c	Deploy cover in home base
			1:MidLeft 2:MidRight 3:Before FR 4:Flag 5:Tube 6:Entrance
!opsmine  {#}     	.mi	Deploy a false minefield in your home base
			1:FR Entrance 2:In FR 3:Before FR 4:Flag 5:Tube 6:Entrance
!opswarp {name:#} 	.w	Warp {name} to a location
			1:Tube  2:LeftMid 3:RightMid (L2)4:FR Ent 5:Roof (L3)6:FR
!opsorb    [name] 	.o	Cover a specific player, or all enemies with an orb
!opsdark   [name] 	.da	Cover a specific player, or all enemies with a cone of darkness
!opsblind  [#]    	.b	Blind all enemies in base
!opsshield [name] 	.s	Shield a specific player, or all teammates
!opsemp           	.e	EMP all enemies to 0 energy and shut down engines
,##			Snaps view to a location based on the number
			1:HomeFR 11:HomeMid 12:HomeTube 13:HomeRearm
			2:NME FR 21:NME Mid 22:NME Tube 3:Center

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