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  Distension Ranks


The newest member of any army.
Has yet to win a round, and has no accomplishments to speak of.

Cadet 4th Class

When a recruit has learned the killing trade, they are promoted to a cadet, where they begin to learn battle tactics.
Has won 1 round.

Cadet 3rd Class

Has won 3 rounds.

Cadet 2nd Class

Has won 7 rounds.

Cadet 1st Class

A senior cadet that has made a name for themself.
Only these are considered to advance to officer...
Has won 13 rounds.


When a cadet has made many accomplishments, and has helped their army to victory, they get promoted to an Ensign, an officer!
An Ensign recieves additional ordering and summoning permissions.
Additionally, an Ensign can now unlock their Weasel and Lancaster!
Has won 20 rounds.

2nd Lieutenant

Has won 30 rounds.

1st Lieutenant

Has won 45 rounds.

Lieutenant Commander

When a officer displays good use of tactics, they are promoted to Lieutenant Commander, a command officer!
A Lieutenant Commander recieves additional ordering permissions.
Additionally, a Lieutenant Commander can now unlock their Tactical Operations console!
Has won 70 rounds.


Has won 100 rounds.


Has won 145 rounds.

Fleet Captain

Has won 195 rounds.


When a command officer displays outstanding leadership and moral values, they get promoted to Commodore, a flag officer!
A Commodore possesses maxed summoning permissions, and recieves additional ordering permissions.
Has won 250 rounds.

Rear Admiral

Has won 330 rounds.

Vice Admiral

Has won 410 rounds.


Has won 500 rounds.

Fleet Admiral

The leader of the army! All other pilots are subordinate! Only the best, committed and dedicated pilots will ever have the privelige of holding this office.
A Fleet Admiral possesses maxed ordering and summoning permissions.
Has won 1000 rounds.

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