What is TWRC?

The idea
Trench Wars has from the beginning of time race arena's. Think of ?go racing, ?go f1spirit and ?go InitialD. Many thought about putting together a racing league, however the support and effort was never brought on, untill now..

TW Dev members Jacen Solo and SuperDave(postal) decided it was time and developed the project, and with help of several other Dev members and bot mircale 2dragons and map guru Arilou Lalee'lay the project came more and more in its current shape. With a bot, awesome graphical race tracks and the chance to develop your own track you can fully enjoy the racing experience as it is possible in Continuum.

Cup and Championship
TW Racing is devided by 2 types: Racing Cup, and Racing Championship.
Racing Cup is the free for all type. There is a period announced when a Racing Cup is being held. During that period, the driver must get as many point from races that are being hosted. Some can happen at any time, some are scheduled. The 3 types of cup races are:
- Normal
- Big
- Marathon

Racing Championship are for the best of the best racers out there. Qualifications for this type are trough the Racing Cup. The top 30 after a announced period are invited to join the Racing Championship. Every weekend, a Grand Prix is held on a specific track. You will be rewarded with specific points for the place you finish.
After all scheduled Grand Prix's are done we know the one and truly king of Racing!

TW Dev - Trenchwars.org
TWRC ops: H.M.S. Stargazer - MBananas <ER> - Soja - Fusha