TWRC Rules:

General notices:

  • TWRC is the official race championship in Trench Wars and has limited staff support.
  • Championship rules may be changed at any time by the TWRC operators. A notice will be displayed on the Homepage.
  • TWRC Operators don't have a general email. Main contact person is Jacen Solo. Contact him in-game for any question and/or problems.
  • The TWRC Operators decision is always final.

General Rules:

1.01 When in any Race arena you must obey and respect the attending staff member(s) and/or league operators.

1.02 In all race arena's, general Trench Wars rules apply.

1.03 Deliberate attempts to disrupt the game play may result in the player being specced, silenced or kicked from the arena.

1.04 If a TWRC operator or staff member abuses his powers, the player may report this to The matter will be looked at and action is taking when necessary.

1.05 A decision made by all TWRC operators is final.

Racing Cup regulations:

2.01 In order to participate in the Racing Cup, a player must sign up with the bot in ?go twrc. If you have any questions contact one of the Operators.

2.02 A player is allowed to only pariticipate with one nickname in a racing cup period.

2.03 A Racing Cup will be running through a announced period. The goal is to be the player with the most points at the end of this period.

2.04 All Racing Cup races will be hosted by staff with an operator present. Before the actual race, the type of race will be announced. The three types are normal, big and marathon.

2.05 The points rewarded for normal race: 2 points for leading a lap, 2 points for leading the most laps, and if you finish in the top 10 you will be rewarded with 10 points for 1, 9 points for 2, 8 points for 3 etc.

2.06 The points rewarded for a big race: 2 points for leading a lap, 2 points for leading the most laps, and the amount of laps minus your position you finished.

2.07 The points rewarded for a marathon race: 2 points for leading a lap, 10 points for leading the most laps, and 30 points for winning the race.

2.08 If a server crash, major router failure or bot crash occurs, the race will be considered voided and all scores are disregarded.

2.09 At start of a race, a player must be in one of the start spots and may not move before the Go.

2.10 Lagout's can not be handled. If you lag out, you are considered not finished.

2.11 If a racer false starts, -10 points will be added to the standings on that player and the player will be warned by the attending referee/Op. The race will not be restarted.

2.12 If a racer is warned 3 times for false starts, they will be removed from the league.

2.13 If a racer is found to be racing in reverse, the racer will be disqualified from the race. Racing in reverse is considered illegal in all race courses. A judgement will be made by the attending referee/Ops on whether a racer has been racing in reverse.

Racing Championship regulations:

3.01 The championship is designed for the best of the best and serious racers. The Championship is a privilidge, not a right and may be revoked at any time by the TWRC operators. Main contact person for the Championship is H.M.S. Stargazer. Contact him ingame for all Championship matters.

3.02 Qualifications for the championship are through the Racing Cup. The top 10 racers after a announced period are invited.

3.03 If you are participating for the Racing Championship, you will not be ranked for the Racing Cup.

3.04 Disobeying advices of TWRC operators and/or disrupting game play during and before the races will not be tolerated in any way.

3.05 The Championship consist of certain numbers of Grand Prix's setted at a date and time by the TWRC operators. Racers are expected to participate as much as possible.

3.06 For every Grand Prix you get points. The goal is at the end of the championship be the person with most points. The scoring is be done like followed:


3.07 If you lagout , you will be recorded as not finished. You can't be put back in.

3.08 If a server crash, major router failure or bot crash occurs, the race may be restarted at a point given by the league operator. You may be setted on different spots then the normal start.

3.09 If a player is removed from the Championship, the TWRC operators may replace the player with the number 1 in the parallel Racing Cup that is being held. Depending on the situation, the new player may inherit the previous points total of the removed player.

TW Dev -
TWRC ops: H.M.S. Stargazer - MBananas <ER> - Soja - Fusha