SSCU Trench Wars - The Free Online Multiplayer Spaceship Game

SSCU Trench Wars - The Free Online Multiplayer Spaceship Game

SSCU Trench Wars - The Free Online Multiplayer Spaceship Game

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Weekend Event: Zombies  [ Apr 17, 2015 ]

Balance Zombies is a challenging event where you'll be left in the wide open, wormholy world with nothing but you, your ship and a few hopefully balanced friends.
Your task is to repel the zombie attack for 12-15 minutes. The best way to do that is to choose a course you think the zombies will never manage to pass through, and even if they do you will be there to shoot them down!

After the time given it's the sunrise and the zombies will sleep again...
Who can survive?

?Go... Read More..

by Shadowmere

Weekend Event: Superbeast2  [ Apr 10, 2015 ]

Beware the beast.

This weekend, it's all about Superbeast! There will be 1-3 designated superbeasts (ship 2) that will hunt the prey (ship 8). The superbeasts may think this is easy; however, the prey have a secret weapon, and that is the power of camouflage (decoy)!

However, there is a catch: Only one of you is leaving alive. The last prey alive wins! Think you're up to the challenge? Then join us in ?Go Superbeast2 at 6 PM EST on Sunday April 12th, right after TWDT!

If you have any comments/concerns/questions/suggestions, contact Shadowmere... Read More..

by idkidc1233

Easter Weekend: Rabbit  [ Apr 04, 2015 ]

Wabbit Wabbit

To celebrate the Easter Weekend we will have a game.. of Rabbit!
In this great game you will all be separated into your own teams while trying to reach the highest amount of score you can.
There is a flag around somewhere in the map that while you hold your kills will count as 10 points, while normal non-flag kills count as just 1.

So clothe up, find the inner child in you and join us in
?Go Rabbit at 5PM EST! - Sunday, March 5th!

Please note there is... Read More..

by Shadowmere


 Weekend Event: Defender  [Mar 28, 2015]
 Weekend Event: OctaBase  [Mar 14, 2015]
 Weekend Event: Gatez2 and SG!  [Feb 21, 2015]
 Elim Ladders reset!  [Feb 04, 2015]
 New forums / bot server!  [Jan 31, 2015]

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TWL Season 19 winners:

TWLD: Fierce
TWLJ: Thunder
TWLB: Dudgeon
1. lasenza 1319 34 40
1. lasenza 1131 58 67
1. lasenza 919 20 23
 Base ElimRatingWinsGames
1. tsunami 1709 61 83
1. shock the-rapist 1195 43 68
1. l33t n00b 1649 29 33