Welcome To TWDev!

Welcome to Trenchwars's Development Zone.
Please enjoy ur stay, but note that all rules from Trenchwars apply here also.

Development is purely for our enjoyment for creating things that you the players can
enoy playing!

[ TWDev Specific Rules ] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  1. Server files are not to be messed with, only TWDev division heads can access these files with permission, Other than The Head Members of the TWDev group.
    • Including the server log! *log is enough for normal use.
    • Do not edit sysop list, smod list, or moderator list without express permission.
  2. Do not upload over other people's files.
    Check to make sure there is no other lvl or lvz with the same name before uploading yours.
  3. Do not edit other player's cfgs.
    Unless you have their permission to do so.
  4. Do not mess with other player's bot cores when they are running.
    Unless you have been given permission by that player.
  5. Do not enter a private arena without permission.
    The following are exceptions...

    • TWDev Coordinators May visit and check arenas for viewing/inspecting project development,
      and activity of the members involved or any other parties within...

    • Bot devs have complete access to the bot-park as long as they have their core running and
      are testing something without disturbing another bot dev.

    • If someone will not leave you alone in a private
      arena you may *kill them, if they return you may *kill (1-600) them
      but you cannot go over the 10 minute (600 second) limit.

    • This also means if someone is afk or does not respond to you when you ask for permission
      you will reguard that as not having permission and will wait until that user is available to respond!

  6. Breaking any rule may result in removal of powers, ban from TWDev, and/or ban from TW.
    Bans (even for public users) are the right of twdev's members/leaders to determin...

[ Joining TWDev ] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

If you are interested in joining TWDev, approach a member about it, but dont pester them.
Keep your cool, and express why you'd like to join, and you could be put forward for
nomination to be recuited. If you ask all the time, its less likely you will be.

Development is purely for the enjoyment of creating things that you the players can
enjoy playing!

Here is some criteria for you to think about.

  1. Understand event creation and its dynamics...
    Perhaps have a few example works you've made for yourself?
  2. Sysop must be earnt.
    Knowlege of server functions, general protocol and trust required!
  3. At least a good general knowledge of the basics of map making.
    SSME and any other general tools of the trade.
    Your more credible names are to be known to us thanks.
  5. No history of abuse/cheating.

We like to nurture new talent, but please be orginal and do not rip off others work.
Look forward to meeting all new talent that finds its way here...

-TWDev Team