How to make your own racetrack (Part 1) by: Nightattack

So, you want to make a racetrack? Think you can do it? With a brain and some creative you can do it easily.


                                                      Getting started (The things you'll need)
1)First you need the SubSpace/Continuum Map Editor (SSME for short) program witch you use to make maps. You can download it by clicking the link on this page:
Unzip it somewhere.

2)You have the SSME? Good!
Now you'll need the Mega tile Mapper (MTM for short) download it from the this link: Download the Mega tile Mapper for Racetracks
Unzip it somewhere.
You have all what you need.
Very well done!

                                                                            Step 1(Making the Scale)
1)Open SSME from the folder you unzipped it. Then use the File menu and click on Open.

2)Open #STEP-1.lvl.

3)Ones you opened #STEP-1.lvl you should see something that looks like a map of somekind.

4)Ok now you need to read what each tile (part) means. It's simple, for example: I6 means 90 bend (turn) and I7 means 90 high speed bend (high speed turn)

5)Ok here's the easily done part. You need to think of your track and make the scale of it (a model). By using the tiles (the parts).
You pick a tile and put it in the box to the top left of the map like this (The tile I'm putting is I6):
Note1: If you're really new to SSME please see SSME help (at the bottom of this page) for some help.
Note2: Read the tips, the are helpful (Scroll down to find them).

6) So, you're done with your scale?good.
After you've done it should look like this:
Note: I made this scale, your scale is needn't to look like this one.

7) Ok, now name your track (If you can't find a name, name it to a track near your city or your city name).
And save it (Click on the File menu and click save or save as)

(Now, before you go to the next part. READ THE TIPS! They are really helpful!)

8) So you have everything the scale now, send to SuperDAVE(postal) use his e-mail (Make a .zip or .rar file and put your scale file ,the one you saved into it then attach it to superdave's email).
In the next few days he will send you a reply e-mail and tell if there is something wrong with your scale.
After he said it's ok, Go to step 2 (scroll down this page and click Step 2).

Now, you may read the SSME help by scrolling down.
If you don't need it so:
Good Game! You have beaten Step #1!

Tip 1: Don't use high speed tracks just like that, to see a good example of a high speed turn ?go calgary on TW server.
Tip 2: Make sure the pit stop is big enough to delay pitting drivers.
Tip 3: Make sure you have made a Start Point.
Tip 4: Make sure you have made at least 2 checkpoints.
Tip 5: Make sure you have made a Car attributes sign (Make it near the start line)

                                                               SSME help
 The toolbar (is almost everything you'll need):

1=New         5=Copy     9=Print         13=Eraser                          17=Fill                     21=Connected Line
2=Open        6=Paste    10=About     14=Dropper                       18=Flip Horizontal    22=Rectangle           
3=Save         7=Undo    11=Pencil      15=Rubber Stamp             19=Flip Vertical                                                4=Cut           8=Redo    12=Select       16=Magnify (Zoom)          20=Line                  
23=Filled Square    26=Toggle Map Grid (On/Off)                            29=Toggle Tile set Window (On/Off)
24=Circle               27=Toggle Rader Window (On/Off)                    30=Toggle Tile Info Window (On/Off)
25=Filled Circle      28=Toggle Special Objects Window (On/Off)
This is a useful window. You can't move it and you can't turn it off.
The Radar:

The radar is useful sometimes. You can move the radar window anywhere on the screen or even turn it off.
You can size the radar too (Useful sometimes when it's big) by putting your mouse near the edge of the the window and making it bigger/smaller.

The Tile set window:

You can see all the tiles you have on your set on this window. You can move this window anywhere on the screen. You can turn off this window too.

The Tile Info Window:

You can see what tiles are loaded to your pencil. You can move this window anywhere on the screen. You can turn off this window too.

The Special Objects Window:

This window has Objects like Wormholes and Asteroids. You can move this window anywhere on the screen. You can turn off this window too.

That's it for Part 1!
Move on to Part 2 by click the Big arrow to the right.

If anyone found a problem in the guide or so please tell me it! Send it to